In Your Home
Cindy, the owner, will visit your home for the first time to determine your specific needs. If you have or had a cleaning service, we want to know what you did and did not like about the service you were provided. You and Cindy will work together to determine how the company can best meet your needs and expectations. Your customized quotation and cleaning specifications are then transferred to a work order catered to your home. When cleaning, your team supervisor will have a copy of your work order which they will then sign off on. This ensures that they have checked each aspect in your home before they have left. We do our best to keep the same supervisor coming to your home, which allows you to get to know the supervisor, and for them to to get to know your home.  

House Pricing
When pricing a home there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration. We can always offer you an over the phone estimate, however to accurately price your home, we recommend our FREE in home estimates. This not only allows you to get the know the company more, but Cindy will be able to do a room by room walk through with you to get a detailed idea of what your home needs to stay in its best shape. 

What Can We Offer you 
Our rates our affordable and shaped to fit your needs. We have weekly, every other week, monthly, and one time cleanings available. We also offer a freshen up cleaning which allows to prepare for a party by having the cleaning team hit the primary areas as needed, rather than having the whole house cleaned. Whether you want to have a regular schedule with Cleaning Plus or a one time cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in the hands of professionals. 

What to Expect
Cleaning Plus provides all cleaning materials every visit. A cleaner performs as well as their equipment, as a result we use professional cleaning tools, equipment, materials and other supplies that are effective and efficient. When we come to your home for the first time, we spend time and effort that is needed to remove dirt, dust and grime from your home. However, because we work in teams of at least two, we will not be in your home or hair all day. You can always expect a quality cleaning that is done efficiently from Cleaning Plus. 
What Can Cleaning Plus Do for You?
  • All Counters, Cabinets are wiped down
  • Shower and or bathtub are scrubbed
  • Inside are outside of toilets are washed and scrubbed
  • All surfaces are dusted
  • Floors are hands and kneed
All counters and cabinets are wiped down 
All appliances are wiped down
Inside of microwaves are cleaned out
Inside of sink and faucets are wiped down and polished
Trash is emptied
All surfaces are wiped down
Furniture is polished (when needed)
Beds are made/ pillows and blankets are arranged on the couch
Trashes are Emptied
Carpets are edged
All carpeting and large area rugs are vacuumed
hard floors vacuumed with a specialized vacuum
Kitchen, dinning room, and bathroom floors are washed on hands and knees other hard flooring is mopped
          In home estimates 
              by the owner.
         $30.00 Off
     Your First Deep Cleaning!

Cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot be used on one time cleans. Discount must be mentioned when scheduling your first cleaning.