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      Cleaning Plus is a locally owned and operated residential cleaning service that has been providing quality cleaning for Ozaukee County, Washington County, and the North Shore area since 2000. Cindy Man, the president, began the service in 2000. Through her hard work, dedication, and quality cleaning, she was able to expand the company. Now, she primarily works in the office, however she can be seen working the the teams on various routes. This is to assure quality and maintain a positive relationship with the customers. 

      Since Cindy remains in the office for most of the week, your home is taken care of by our highly trained and experienced supervisors and team members. We try our best to keep the same supervisor coming into your home throughout your service. This allows for them to become accustomed to your home and any specifications you may have. Our supervisors not only maintain and check work quality, but they also become an extra set of eye in your home, informing you about potential leaks, loose shelving, or wobbly furniture. You can get to know our supervisors on the left!

      Here at Cleaning Plus, we give you the relationship that you can only obtain from a small business, but we also provide the customer service of a large franchise. All customers are given Cindy's email address and phone number, which allows them to contact her in cases of concern or inquiry after office hours. 
      What sets us apart from other cleaning companies is our ability to take the skill and detail that comes from an individual cleaning and transfer it into a team effort. This allows you to have the cleaning experience that you want at much faster pace than an individual. Our staff is personally trained by Cindy to ensure procedure and quality. While in the house, work is then checked by the supervisor to make sure that everything is up to Cleaning Plus standards. 

      Our company's growth was never dependent on advertisement. We let our work and quality do the advertising for us. Most of our new customers come from referrals, which, to us, speaks volumes of what is provided by our company. In fact, we offer our customers 1 FREE cleaning for every NEW customer they refer that turns into a regular customer. This is our way of saying thank you, not only for helping our business grow but for being a dedicated customer. 
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